12 Easy Date Ideas You Need To Try This December

December 15, 2017

Need some date night inspiration because you want to avoid sitting on the couch and watching Netflix? Try a few of these easy date ideas perfect for the month of December.

1. Visit a festive market.

Christmas MarketIan and I visited the Christkindle Market in Chicago and had a blast. It was free and there was a lot of amazing food. I highly recommend it if you live in the Chicago area. Do a quick google search to find a fun Christmas market near you. Walking around a festive market is such an easy date night idea!

2. Go ice skating.

Ice Skating DateThere is something that is extra romantic about ice skating together.

3. See the Nutcracker Ballet.

Ballet DateI always loved seeing the Nutcrackerย in my hometown growing up. I also recommend the Nutcracker in Chicago. The Joferryย Ballet had their own version of the Nutcracker including Chicago scenery. If you have already seen the Nutcracker a thousand times this is a fun rendition.

4. Make decorating and gift wrapping a date.

Decorating DateMake a Christmas playlist, put on your favorite cozy pajamas, get all your gifts wrapped, and deck out your place in Christmas decor. Don’t forget to sing Christmas carols at the top of your lungs and drink hot cocoa! You need to do this anyway, so why not make it an easy date night?

5. Find the best place to look at Christmas lights.

Christmas light dateIn every city, there is that neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas. I love finding the houses that sync up with a radio station for a music and light show. I’m sure with a quick google search you can find the best place to go where you live.

6. Get out of the cold and tour a museum.

Museum DateIn Illinois, they have free museum days for residents. I’m sure your state has something like that too. Plus it’s a good excuse to get out of the snow.

7. The best movies of the year come out this month so don’t forget to hit the movie theatre.

Movie DateDoes anyone else have any holiday movie traditions? My family always goes and watches a movie on Christmas Day. There are so many good options it is always hard to choose.

8. Need a climate change? Time to travel.

Travel Date

Day trips or weekend getaways are by far the best dates. Plan a trip to that city you are always talking about visiting. If you need to book a flight, check out Kayak. I always purchase my flights through their website because they compare all the cheapest deals. I love that they have affordable getaway options too. If you are living in snow and need to get away to a beach or visa versa…they have you covered.

9. Build a snowman (you are never too old to play in the snow).Snowman

You don’t have to have kids to do this one. If you live in a snowy area don’t forget to take the time to enjoy it and get creative.

10. Give back together. Find a ministry or nonprofit that needs some help this season and serve together.

Service Date

Seeing people serve one another is one of the best things about the Holidays. There are so many opportunities to volunteer, donate, and give back. Get a group of friends together or your significant other and serve together.

11. Start a tradition of making Christmas ornaments and baking Christmas cookies.Ornament

This is my goal for this year! I want to start making a Christmas ornament each year to add to our collection. Might as well go ahead and decorate some cookies too ๐Ÿ˜‰

12. Make Smore’s from home.Smores

Maybe you don’t have a fireplace but you can still make Smore’s in the oven. They are equally amazing if you ask me.

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Do you have any favorite easy date night ideas for the cold winter months?

Hanna Hammond